Strategic Review

Strategic Review Implementation
“The Road Ahead”


In the summer of 2011, the General Council of the Royal Military Colleges Club of Canada created a Strategic Review Committee to address the broad issue of declining engagement within the Club.  The project culminated in a 120 page report entitled The Road Ahead.  It concluded with a Vision for the future of the Club, and a series of almost 30 concrete recommendations, falling broadly into 3 categories, namely:

  • Club Organizational Structure & Governance
  •  Member Programmes & Services
  • Communications

Quoting from the report, “The vision implies a strong engaged alumni association, representative of all who attend the Colleges.  It acts on their behalf, not only in self-interest terms, but also in promoting the value and the values of Canada’s only leadership university in the interest of the public as well as the members and the Colleges.  The Club will be active in pursuing “the best and the brightest” and will itself become a reason to join RMC.

The Club will have focused on the emerging generations while honouring the fellowship aims of the Club Constitution. The Class will be the focal point of connection to the Club, the Colleges, and their values, and there is much that the Club will have done to greatly enhance and strengthen this core group. 

The strong engagement of graduates will continue to promote the institutions and values that shaped them as leaders and productive citizens. Member participation in a variety of new programs and services will be high, and members will have access and participate through a variety of self-selected channels. Under a comprehensive communications strategy, all members will be linked to the ongoing affairs of the Colleges, cadets and the Club.

The Club will have moved away from cumbersome governance, and will be characterized by effective leadership from members in partnership with staff.”

“The Way Ahead” was unanimously endorsed by the General Council of the Club in August of 2012 and an Implementation Team was created to implement its recommendations.